Waterman Serenity Blue

My most heavily used ink. I first received a bottle of this ink over three years ago and it has been in continual use ever since. The colour is perfect for both work and personal use. Little shading that I can see but then using fine tipped pens I wouldn’t expect to see much of that.


The ink is very easy to clean and flows very well. In fact the latter point leads to the only negative I can find, that flow can lead to quite a bit of ink to be deposited on the page meaning that it does not dry very quickly. In fact, of all the inks I have this takes the longest to dry. In my use however this is not a problem but it is something to be aware of nonetheless.

The ease of cleaning has meant that leaving the ink in a pen for an extended period of time does no harm though is still not a smart thing to do. The longest such period was about thirteen months, started to write immediately with only the slightest hint of a hard start. Cleaned right out very easily. This ties with the reputation of Waterman inks as being very safe, particularly for vintage pens.

I highly recommend this ink.

Update [7th March 2016]

Since posting my initial review above, I have swapped this ink into a different pen and what a totally minimal change this has made. It’s now in my Platinum 3776 UEF which has a far sharper nib than the Pilot.

There is no change evident in the ink’s behaviour arising from the use of the sharper nib. Unlike the ink which was previously in this pen, there is no build up on the nib whatsoever. As expected, the Waterman ink continues to be extremely well behaved.

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