Nope, not fixed.

I dropped my Lamy 2000. Then I had a go at restoring the smoothness of the nib by forcefully realigning the tines. It worked.

Happy, so happy

But not for long. I noticed that the flow of ink was much faster than before the drop. It was not quite gushing but there was significantly more ink being deposited on the page which made it look like I was writing with a medium or bold nib rather than an extra-fine. I diagnosed it as being an issue with the nib not being in place, there was now some lateral give.

An online search did not yield much support and so to the Pen Addict slack group1 where I was pointed in the direction of the following video showing how to disassemble the pen.

After giving the pen a good clean I put it all back together. The nib immediately sank into its proper position. I gave a good push to ensure it was properly locked in place before screwing back on the barrel. Refilled and now the flow has calmed down.


The misalignment of the tines which I thought I had fixed is now noticeable again. Clearly, when I had ‘realigned’ the tines part of that solution had been the shifting if the nib out of position.

Next step: repair

Tempted to send this pen out for grinding but I’m curious to give the Pen Corner2 a try. I have enquired and they do offer repair and adjustment services, just not nib grinding. There is no nib grinding service that I can find in Ireland.

Lamy 2000 disassembled

1 The Pen Addict has an associated slack group. Discussed on podcast #145 and has a self-service sign-up detailed here. Thanks to Phil for the link.

2 The Pen Corner at College Green, Dublin 2, has a great selection of pens and writing materials. They are the only shop I am aware of in the city centre that stocks Rhodia so I like to visit regularly.


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