Note Taking – Some further testing

How did the test go?

In my last update I incorporated a monthly calendar. This has worked very well serving as an index of important events. I can now, at a glance, check the date on which an important meeting took place and go straight to the page. It also helps in terms of structuring my day-to-day work as I have a stronger sense of impending deadlines.*

I have stuck to using the constraint of two spreads per week and I’ve also avoided using the meeting notebook. All moving in the right direction.

What to test now?

The monthly calendar is here to stay. In this test I have removed the constraint, or at least amend it:

(New) Constraint: One spread per day

What else is being tested?

Within each day I will include a column on the left where I will log the topic of the notes and, if a meeting or other event, the time and (important) attendees as appropriate.

What happened? 

The change in constraint has dramatically increased the number of pages I use. It has also led to a rise in the occurrence of blank space on pages though not as much as I had expected.

Blank space on 1 page test
Blank space

On review I notice that I have adjusted my writing, increasing the character size and leaving more space between words. I have also increased the volume of notes, with longer sentences and less important notes taken. This is not good and goes directly against the reason I set up the original constraint. So, back to basics while I think about what to do next.

*Read impending doom.

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