Note taking – a quick update

What’s happening? I’m impatient and so I’ve decided to test a new feature in my approach to note taking, a monthly calendar. My earlier post on my convoluted approach may be found by clicking here.

What’s the aim? In my role I often have a long lead in time to certain events or deadlines. I need an easy way to keep track of these objects. I am not a fan of software aids for longer-term items, these tend to work better for me for short-term tracking.

What have you done? I have marked out the month of June over two pages, a 5×6 grid (that’s Rows x Columns for those that forget matrices). So that’s five weeks and six days, weekdays each get their own box, Saturday and Sunday are combined in one. I occasionally work on the weekend so this approach works for me.

At the top is one row to capture the day names and the name of the month. In the top right of each box I write the date of that day: it’s a calendar alright.

Monthly calendar + tools

What will be captured in this calendar? There are eight lines in each row, corresponding quite neatly to my working day. To avoid clutter only important events and deadlines are include here. No regular meetings or events will make the cut. Task deliverables are marked by an empty square before the name whereas an event is marked with an empty circle. Where an item is cancelled I will strike it out with a line. Events in which I am not required for input (e.g. training, information, lunches, etc.) I do not include any form of signifier, it is just a note.

What’s the extra line for on the first row? That’s a mistake, measure twice and all that.

What other changes are there? None, everything is as described in my earlier post. Since then I have not used the meeting book. I will try to continue to avoid it.


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