You Can Do Maths

A fantastic riposte to those in society who proudly say “I can’t do maths!” so as to appear cool. You’re not cool, you’re a moron and if you are in a position of influence you are doing immeasurable damage to the current generation of children at school.

I can’t talk on this subject with the same poise achieved by Prof. Peter Lynch of UCD. His ThatsMaths ( blog is fantastic reading and well worth the time if ever interested in how important maths is to the world around us.


Bragging about mathematical ineptitude is not cool. There is nothing admirable about ignorance and incompetence. Moreover, everyone thinks mathematically all the time, even if they are not aware of it. Can we all do maths? Yes, we can!  [See this week’s That’s Maths column (TM064) or search for “thatsmaths” at].

Topological map of the London Underground network When you use a map of the underground network, you are doing topology.

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