Adventures in INK #4

Continued from part 3.2.

I’ve been using MY Karas Kustoms INK with Franklin Christoph nib for four weeks now and, finally, count myself as happy.

It’s great, I’m really enjoying this pen. As I have written before, I’ve been impressed since I first got it but the original nib was just not to my taste.

The pen is heavy though perfectly weighted when in the hand. The design of the section really suits me, I find that the flare out toward the nib end of the section helps me to establish a very comfortable grip. The section, copper in this case, warms quickly on the hand so that I find I am aware of the nib on the paper, not the pen in my hand. That is an odd thought reading it back, I guess the best way of putting it is that this pen feels natural to me. It feels like MY pen which is what I wanted at the outset of this adventure.


Karas Kustoms INK - Fits like a glove.
Karas Kustoms INK – Fits like a glove.

So any negatives? Well, the slight difference in colour between the cap and body is annoying. Not so much that would stop me using the pen but the difference is there. The copper section does smell slightly, that “handled coins” smell. It’s not overpowering or even off-putting but it is there all the same. If this bothers you then don’t get the copper section.

Nib snot
Nib snot

Another negative is the amount of residue on the nib. I think that this may be caused by my manhandling of the nib and feed when performing the swap. Quite a lot of ink is drawn to the nib. Any period of no use results in some ink building up, drying out and then leaving a thick residue. There is also noticeable build up among the visible fins on the feed. Perhaps it’s an issue with the ink itself but I do not know enough on the subject to make that judgement. In this case the ink I am using is Diamine Kelly Green. I’ve given the pen a thorough cleaning and have loaded it with Diamine Passion Red, a less saturated ink. Let’s see if that change removes the “snot”-ing.

I’m not sure where the adventure goes from here. I’ve enjoyed this nib hacking so may try out some other nibs, perhaps move to a larger size or even an italic. This pen will certainly be a key part of my daily rotation for some time to come.

Wait, could I put an o-ring at the end of the section…?

Karas Kustoms | INK Kickstarter



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