Adventures in INK #2

Continued from part 1.

So, I didn’t make it to the hardware shop. Laziness I guess. But in the meantime, with some gift money left over from a recent birthday, I splurged on a Mike Masuyama tuned needlepoint point steel Franklin Christoph nib.


This follows an instagram from the pen addict himself, Brad Dowdy, where he swapped the Schmidt nib with one of these.

Well, getting the nib out of the unit proved to be difficult, so much so I stopped trying, I do not want to damage this nib. Thing is, I noticed how the nib unit is quite similar to that in my TWSBI 580. So out with the TWSBI nib and sure enough, the Franklin Christoph fit. The fit is not perfect, the section (the clear plastic) and metal surround are able to rotate freely. It took some getting used to but now I can write quite well with the pen.

Anyways, this is about the INK. I removed the TWSBI nib from its unit and, quite forcefully, shoved it into the unit from the Schmidt. It took some doing, it was more difficult to screw the unit back into the copper section. I think the slightly larger TWSBI nib must have deformed the nib unit. Still, I got it in.

Writing with the TWSBI nib was very scratchy at first, turns out the feed was not properly centered. Some twisting later I got the feed and nib in the correct position.

So now I have a pen I am totally happy with. This is a great pen.

I got the green fountain pen with a copper section. I think it looks great. There is a minor difference in the shade of green between the cap and the body. It’s not a fatal flaw as the construction of the pen is so good. The clip makes a lovely sound when I flick it. Must try to find out what note it is. It will also make the sound when I close the cap quickly, the threads are so smooth I can “throw” the cap closed.

There are lots of images about of this pen. If I were to purchase this again I think I’d go for the grey with the aluminium (note that I refuse to spell the metal American) section, it looks great.

Writing with the Schmidt nib, though marked as a fine, felt almost like writing with a crayon. It put down a much wider like than any other pen I own. The TWSBI 580 EF nib is more to my liking. This puts down a nice tight line and is smooth. There is minimal flex in the steel nib. I do admit though that the nib seems almost too fragile to use with the INK, as if the pen is going to beat up the nib. Stupid, I know.

To sum up, great pen, nice nib, happy me!

Karas Kustoms | INK Kickstarter

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