Review: Lamy 2000 EF

No need to write about the design of this pen. Just look at it, it’s fantastic. I wasn’t sure about the hooded nib as I like seeing the nib on a pen but this little nib jutting out of the body is great.


Even the design of the visible portion of the feed is great, a smooth curved piece of black plastic sitting flush behind the nib.

Writing is great with this pen, being a high quality gold nib it is very smooth. There is some give in the nib, applying some pressure gives a wider wetter line, much as expected.

The pen is a piston filler with a good capacity. Filling the pen you turn the knob at the end of the pen to fully depress the piston, insert the nib into a bottle of ink and the turn the knob in the opposite direction to suck up the ink. It’s quite satisfying, particularly due to the fact that the knob itself is very hard to see when returned to its proper, closed, position. It appears that this is achieved through final conditioning of the pen being applied when it is completely assembled. The lines in the makrolon (fibreglass) body carry from the body up the knob. A little feature I like is that it takes about two turns before the piston begins to move, making an accidental depression of the piston less likely.

At the other end, the section is stainless steel and has the same matt appearance of the body. On my pen I can make out the join here easier than that at the knob. Perhaps I should have resisted my curiosity and not opened this end when I first received the pen. Ah well.

Visible section join

The cap is nice, closing with a satisfying click. The pen is very light and so, if course is the cap. I generally don’t like to post the cap when I write but I do, occasionally, with this pen. Which helps since I use it at work and this reduces the chances of losing the cap, a constant worry. The clip of nice, being spring loaded. Pressing on the end will open the clip making it simple to clip onto a shirt or trouser pocket.

Sprung clip

So any complaints. Well, this is entirely personal preference and a little nit-picky: this extra fine nib is not extra fine enough for my taste. It feels closer to a fine. As noted earlier this is a gold nib and has some flex, to get a tight line I find I must resist applying any pressure at all and be quite deliberate with my writing; I just cannot get a consistently tight line in the same manner that I can with my TWSBI 580 EF or Waterman Caréne EF.

Despite that one single criticism this is still my workhorse pen. I love it. My notebook is a Rhodia Webnotebook which makes any pen feel great but paired with the Lamy 2000 is a whole other level of smooth.

Sorry, that deserves some more ‘o’s.

It’s smooooooooth.

Note: I purchased this pen through an excellent deal on Pen Chalet and the Pen Addict podcast. Without the deal I may not have bought it as there are many reports of issues with the nibs on Lamy 2000’s. I encountered no such problem with mine.


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