Adventures in INK #1

What's in the box?

A recent addition to my pen case is the Karas Kustoms INK. What a pen, this is a sturdy bit of kit. Made from aluminium, machined in the US, the pen is on the heavy side but has great balance, I do not notice the weight when I write.

What I do notice though is the width of the line. I ordered the fine nibbed version but I feel the line it produces is closer to a medium. The nib is a Schmidt which is very smooth, I cannot fault it. I just don’t like it. So I’ve purchased a #5 edison nib from The Writing Desk and it arrived today.


This is a lovely looking nib but it’s also big. How big? Well, this big:


Taking both nibs out of their assemblies is possible to directly compare the two nibs:

Side by side

There is no way this new nib will fit in the assembly for the schmidt nib without some modification.

What to do now? Well luckily enough, someone else has posted a solution, the ionsomnia blog. So, I have to pay a visit to the hardware shop.

Karas Kustoms | INK Kickstarter

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