Cult Pens Fountain Pen

I’ve spent the morning using my toy and it’s great. Initial comments are:

  • Writes wet (may be the ink and/or paper)
  • Smooth (as smooth as my Waterman Carène)
  • Tiny and light

I like to write small and with as minimal pressure as possible, this pen delivers on both counts. The line is fine but wet, there have been some smudges. My choice of ink, Diamine Oxblood, may not be the best choice given it actually does look like blood, especially when smudged. 

The only negative I have noticed so far is the screw for the cap. Screw caps are great but the position of the threads on the barrel does cut into my finger a little. I had to make a concious adjustment when initially writing but not it feels natural. The pen is also too small to write without the cap posted on the end but this is hardly a negative; the pen was obviously designed to have the cap posted when writing.


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