Waterman Intense Black

Another dependable ink from Waterman. There is not much I can add here. The ink is typical Waterman, safe to use, easy to clean, and dries very quickly. The ink is dark grey and matte. I’m on the hunt for a less matte black junk but this just works.

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The desk of Lori.

Diamine Passion Red

This is a bright ink which pops on the page. Great for marking up documents, it really stands out. Very easy to clean. No fuss whatsoever. There is no shading that I can see. This ink is consistently in use and has been for about two years now.

Currently in my Karas Kustoms INK which has a needlepoint nib from Franklin-Christoph’s Masuyama tuned group.

It’s just lovely. 

Diamine Passion Red

Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-ryoku 

This is a medium green, not too deep yet certainly not light. Works perfectly as a main ink. I have also used it as a markup ink but it’s just too dark to work well in that role. The colour is just right for me on the ivory paper in rhodia notebooks.

As should be the case with an ink this expensive, it’s very easy to manage. No fuss cleaning from any pen I’ve used with this ink.

There is something unquantifiable with this ink, I just enjoy it but cannot articulate why exactly. Perhaps not a great point to raise in a review. 

At the time of review this ink is in my Franklin-Christoph 65 Antique Glass, a great fit.


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